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1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom (Heine Custom) Review

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▶Retail Price: 2,600 Yen
▶Release Date: June 2006
This Ain't The End Of Me by White Comic
Charles Marco Mitchell : Is your Sword Impulse painted or is it the camera causing the red?
Gundam117 : Bought this 11years ago, still haven’t built it
Ultimate Dio : I'm actually Thinking about Making this my First Mastergrade
Allec Joshua Ibay : Some Zaku Phantoms can be seen with Gunner packs. However they can only be seen with the pack either barely or briefly. This can mostly be seen during the Battle of Messiah
Blockio1999 : Actually, there was a Phantom with a gunner pack in tge anime, Dearka piloted one towards the end
The King : Ramba Rsl just rolled in his grave with that reference
fishpop : Big Sad about the axe not storing in the shields. :(
Not even the Master Grade does it which is stupid.
Adhitya R : does the backpack compatible with the master grade zaku warrior??
Sam Edwards : I like the Big Chungus Zaku proportions
Leonard Wong : Rather like the 1/100 hg.... simple enough to build n it's BiG!! wish they'd make the gouf ignited in this scale.

NG 1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom | Review

Reggie Smith Review the No Grade 1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom

The Blaze ZAKU Phantom is the ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom equipped with the EX-M Blaze Wizard. As a result, the suit has higher mobility in space or on earth due to additional high output thrusters mounted in the Wizard pack. The wizard pack also adds two missile launchers containing large number of AGM138 "Firebee" guided missiles to the ZAKU Phantom's standard armaments.

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Kelvin Mok : So what is your favourite no grade?
vidfreak727 : I might buy one and paint it Black and red. Should I paint after the outside armor pieces are put together or before?
Pixel Pod : I will wait for the evantual MG
Ryzearn : Can't wait to see the MG of this really hope it's not pbandai

1/144 HG Dearka & Rey Blaze Zaku Phantom(TT Hongli) Review

These knockoffs look pretty good, just don't try to move them.
Kat : Great build kit, if not a little bulky. Kinda hard to pose because of it but it's very sturdy!
Ralph Afroilan : I will say that there are no slots for the stand(included in the product).
Kikato Kun : Hey i have a black blaze zaku phantom...
Yan Shalnark : hahaha i did have that phantom...surely it heads take off
Bryan ブライアン : The bootlegs kit while sometimes you move it while breaken off. I just keep finding this kit in malaysia. Just Bandai edition.
Rodel Jr Cadorniga : can you still do something to make the helmet a bit lower? so that it wont looked surprised,like cutting plastic etc, like in the arms.
 im planning to buy one of these too when i see one,thanks :)
Safwan Joulis : U dont have the slasher zaku
maxelectrofilth : The stand inserts at the back

soulthepinkmage : I'll just buy the official releases....
ProductionMFbeyblade : fake'


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