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How to Use Have and Get in English - Improve English Grammar

In this lesson, you can learn about the verbs ‘have’ and ‘get’. Do you know any other common meanings of ‘have’ or ‘get’? If you can, post the meaning and an example in the comments.
You’ll see ten different meanings of ‘have’, and ten different meanings of ‘get’. You’ll also see examples, so you can learn to use the verbs ‘have’ and ‘get’ in English in different ways.

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1. Part 1 - 1:11
2. Part 2 - 3:37
3. Part 3 - 7:15
4. Part 4 - 9:28
5. Part 5 - 12:04

This lesson will help you:
- Understand how you can use 'get' and 'have' in real English conversation.
- See phrases with 'have' and phrases with 'get' which you can use in many different situations.
- Learn how to use 'have' to talk about taking part in something, and 'get' for transportation.
- See how 'have' can be used as an auxiliary verb.
- Learn how you can use the word 'get' to mean 'receive'.
- Get examples on how you can use 'have' to discuss eating and drinking.
- Understand how you can use 'have' and 'get' to discuss illnesses.
- Use 'have' and 'get' to describe understanding or finishing certain tasks.

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Basic English Grammar: Have, Has, Had

This lesson teaches you about the easily and often mixed-up English verb "have"!

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